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Divian Mistry

From the age of 14, Divian Mistry knew he was an entrepreneur. Becoming self employed at 16 as a Betterware agent, he ran further ventures, including an eBay business where he made 1000% on his initial investment within 3 months of start up.

At 19, in his first year of an Economics degree at Southampton University, he became known as The Ticket Master, buying and selling tickets for sell out events with world class DJs, often tripling and quadrupling his investments.Following graduation as a Bachelor of Science, he tried to do what everyone else does, applying for jobs in investment banking, mortgage brokering and insurance. The world was a tough place. Few interviews and zero job offers saw Divian with no choices beyond sandwich making at Subway. And so his chance came, and he was sharp enough to see it.

His Subway manager told him that he didn’t need a lot of money to invest in property. With a bit of research, Divian found people were investing with strategies like sourced deals, lease options, HMOs and single lets, all of which that meant they didn’t need their own money.

Three years later, his property portfolio is more than impressive. At 25, with his passive income he has financial freedom, and will never need to work again. His three businesses are booming, despite the never ending recession; however, something new drives Divian to keep working and keep doing what he does.

Divian likes to be able to give something back; to help people less fortunate than himself, or even just the Average Joe in the street. To this end, he hosts the Leicester Investor’s Curry Night, gives motivational talks, mentors and coaches people who want to achieve what he has, and in 2013, has set himself a challenge to help 2013 people to better their lives.

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